Musical Music – i mean really musical music

5 01 2009

I know I said I’d be discussing “A New Earth” and I will be.  But today is a good day to talk about music, I think.  Occassionally, I find myself catching a new song, or at least one I haven’t heard on the radio and down I go on this trip through music as I try to discover as much as I  an about this new artist.  Not too many years ago I’d have had to go to a music store and buy a CD and hope I liked what I heard.  Now with itunes, google, xm radio, pandora and all the other goodies out there, i never have to leave my desk to go wander down a musical road that leads me who knows where.

I particularly like any tool that can let me immediately get from listening to a song to itunes.  Both Pandora and StarlightXM on my Mac give me that ability.  With one click, I go from listening to a song to itunes to cha-ching! It’s mine.  At this point I have to plug XM Radio and channel 51 – coffeehouse.  True, they do have a limited playlist and I hear quite a few repeats, but they genre and artists are just what I need for a nice little diversion.

XM is where I found my true favorite artist of the last couple of years – Amos Lee.  If you’ve missed out, stop reading this now and look him up on Itunes.  Seriously.  Stop and search him.  I’d suggest starting with “Keep it loose, keep  it tight” and then follow it up with “Seen It All Before” then move into “Night Train” or “Black River.”

The latest I’m hooked on is Ben Taylor.  He’s the son of Carly Simon and James Taylor, so really he had no choice but to be a great singer/songwriter.  Again, I was listening to XM and on popped this song “Nothing I Can Do.”  Wow.  First of all its got a melody that’s really easy to listen to, and any time a song is led with an acoustic guitar, I’m hooked. But even more engaging are the lyrics.  From the start you can tell it’s a love song and the lyrics and the tempo in which they are delivered are absolutely hypnotizing.  Check this out:

First morning ever to have seen the sun
Must have run the other way
Until she found that it was only getting earlier that way
When she spun one-hundred eighty degrees
And beheld the sweet light rising through the trees
She fell to her knees and she began to smile, because
She had been in darkness for a long long while,

It’s clever and clear and meaningful and it’s got a great sound.  If you want to see talent, watch the video below and keep an eye on his fingers as they make a pretty impressive reach.  The lyrics go on:

And the first river to have met the sea,
I beleive he must’ve sighed, said
All this rambling I’m glad to finally find, that
After all I haven’t just been wasting my time.

Good stuff.  I’m a bit fanatical about music.  For me, it must be spiritual and special and somehow a language given to us so that we could communicate after all our words quit working.  So I often find myself moved by music.  I also continue to be impressed and in awe of talented musicians.  There have certainly been times that I have depended on music to “talk me down” from emotional edges when I’ve been wound tight or completely wired. 

I can’t imagine a world without music.  As a matter of fact there are few moments throughout the day that aren’t filled with music in my world.  Even right now I’ve got earphones in and i’m tapping my foot to the beat.

I hope you find a song, artist or genre that speaks to you, that moves you, that means something when you hear it.  I hope you hear a tune that you can’t help singing along with.  Do it.  At a stoplight, in a parking lot, in the shower, on Friday evening, after work, in your kitchen with a glass of wine in your hand.  Then share it.  Because great music is meant to be shared, or it would never get written.  Here’s one for you to enjoy.