It’s like slowly focusing the lens until it all becomes clear

24 08 2009

So four weeks back into running after yet another stress fracture and the miles are coming back, and i’m finding new challenges in my runs, and most importantly, i’m beginning to discover the joy in each run again.  Now that’s despite the hottest temperatures of the summer over the past two weeks and some seriously crazy runs leading up to the blue ridge relay in just under 3 weeks.  For the last two Saturdays, Eric and I have gone out and done some ridiculous hill training runs, averaging around 10 miles and a total cumulative elevation gain of a few thousand feet.  oof.

I’m fascinated by how important actual events have become in my running life, and in turn, in the focus i’m available to maintain in other aspects of my life.  I suppose this goes back to my belief that the process is as important, if not more important, than the race is to me.  For so long, I’ve never considered myself a very disciplined person.  I have a tendency to bounce from project to project, to switch topics several times in conversation, pick up three to four books at a time…you get the picture.

My mind is almost always racing.  It’s often that I feel like I wake up, everything is a blur, then it’s time to go to bed.  Now the last race I was in was the Philosopher’s Way Trail Run in May.  No wonder it’s been a blur of a summer.

As I get back on the road, and begin to train again, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised to begin to feel more focused overall again.  It’s as if I’m looking at life through a camera lens – like slowly focusing the lens until it all becomes clear.  I really look forward to the days to come, the renewed spirit that running brings and the added benefits of training for the next 26.2.  I’m sure there’ll be so much more to share.



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