This is so typical.

18 06 2009

Right now, I have a receipt from Food Lion in my right front pocket.  It’s for sodas and cups for a meeting we had yesterday.  In addition, I’m carrying probably 8 Yogurt Pump receipts in my wallet so that once I get to 10, I’ll get my free yogurt.  Last but not least, I’m still carrying the receipt from paying a speeding ticket in 2007.  The point is, although I’m not the most organized person in the world, I keep receipts.  Except it seems, when it really counts.

I love our HDTV, all 40 beautiful LCD inches of it.  Well about a week ago, both(!) HDMI ports went out on it.  So I had to resort, at least temporarily, to S-video, which doesn’t support Hi-Def.  The good news is that we bought the set on June 24 of 2008, which left about a week of warranty on it.  All I had to do was send in a copy of the purchase receipt to the manufacturer and they’d take care of it.  You guessed it.  I have the receipt for the Skittles and Red Bull I bought at Sheetz, but I can’t find the receipt for the TV.  Perfect.  So now I’ve got this great, fairly new TV with two busted HDMI ports. Do you know any good TV repair businesses in the Triangle?  This is so typical.

Good News – co-workers husband works for the cable company and came by with full composite cables, which deliver full HD signal, so we’re back up and running.  It’s a start.