Dave Eggers on TED.com

20 08 2008

I just finished watching Dave Eggers on TED.com. I have to highly recommend this video. I’m amazed when I am exposed to people who not only know what our roles in the community are, but go out and give to the community they are a part of. The concept of 826 Valencia is fascinating, and in the video, his recollection of idea strikes me at first as serendipity, and then as a concept that was perhaps meant to be. I think it’s a perfect example of what’s possible in any community. I am particularly impressed with the fact that it was all locally designed, financed, and supported. The following video is pretty long, but it is one amazing example of what’s possible when the right people come together with a mission and the right way to deliver it. Enjoy.

Georgia Peach & other stinkers

9 08 2008

So Georgia, the foster dog has really settled in. She’s been through a bunch, from heartworm positive, to low weight, to socialization, then a false pregnancy. All that’s left now is for her to be spayed and she’ll be ready to find her new home. I’v learned a lot through her too, and if not for the fact we already have 3, she might be staying.

As for the others, here are a couple of photos from vacation at 4 Paws Kingdom. The spotted kids had a great time it seems. They were in heaven getting so much time off leash, and were asleep early each night.

Opening Ceremonies

9 08 2008

So I’m watching the opening ceremonies. 4 hours? Really? Has anyone ever stayed awake for the entire thing? I guess if they served beer there, it would be more feasible. What to think of China? I’ve never had a desire to go to the Far East, but watching this, it seems pretty cool.