running for my life

15 09 2007

9 weeks and counting. On November 11, I’m running my first 1/2 marathon. I nevere thought i’d want to do something like this, and a year and a half ago, the whole point of exercising was simply to lose weight. 215 to 175. If I could just lose 40 pounds, Id be happy and feel good. Here I sit at 148 pounds. 25 miles a week. 5 miles a day three days a week and each Saturday, I add a half mile. Tomorrow morning, I’m going out for a 9.5 miler. So far so good. I’m finding some comfort in my runs now, and the time passes easily.

I’m a little nervous about the race. Partially because I’m concerned about how I’ll do. Also because i’m concerned about what I’ll do next. I can’t imagine a full 26.2, but who knows. I never expected to do 13.1. Someone saw me in the gym on the treadmill today and commented on how natural and smooth I looked…made it look easy and how they never seemed to be able to succeed at running. I guess I’ve gotten somewhere.

So the OBX 1/2 marathon on Nov. 11. Here we go. And I’m going to try to comment on each of my weeks leading up to it.